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Black Influence of “The Isis Papers”


Author and psychiatrist Dr. France Cress Welsing, composed one of the most influential books of theoretical observation made about white supremacy. “The Isis Papers” breaks down some of the most common ideas and symbols and compares them to white supremacy and color theory as a whole.

The beginning of the book gives readers a detailed synopsis of what white supremacy exactly is. Racism or white supremacy is one of the most important observable phenomenons in the world today she explains. Just the first chapter will leave readers wanting more of the psychological perspective that awakens the minority world.

Throughout the book there are several diagrams that support her theories. Some refer to christian holidays and how those symbols are more phallic than religious. For example, in chapter 4 she compares the Xmas tree upside down to the symbol of the Black male genital. Very eyeopening.

She speaks heavily on sexual attraction from the white race to the Black race. Welsing talks about how and why white women are so attracted to Black males and how “Tall, dark, and handsome” is wanted by all women.

The most intriguing chapter has to be the lecture about sports. Most people assume sports are for entertainment purposes but the exposes the underlining meaning to some such as golf, basketball, bowling etc. Most of these using black, brown or white balls attempting to “score” into a black hole of white net. Ironic?

There are so many other conscious notions and theories revealed in this book that it must become a must read for all African Americans. This book tells how the white race are jealous of the Black race because we can produce so many different complexions of skin while they can only produce white. Sad but true. Therefore their mission as whites is to overcome white genetic survival and prevent white annihilation throughout the world. They (whites) are fearful of all colored peoples taking over the white world.

“Racism=White Supremacy=Apartheid”

In closing, this innovative work expresses the courage and notions that Dr. Welsing discovered throughout time. This work clearly shows that racism is alive and well it has only disguised itself in other forms. Many Blacks today believe that slavery consists of only hard labor without pay. However, mental slavery is the worse kind. This book has produced so much controversy by those who know the truth behind its words.

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