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Monroe, Kimberly F. "Writing Toward a Black Liberation: Claudia Jones' Black Nationalist/Internationalist Activism." 76King Street. Vol. 5. Journal of Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey. December 2021.

Monroe, Kimberly F. "Assata Shakur: A True Revolutionary." Black Freedom Struggles Africana Reader. Kendall Hunt Publishing Co. November 2021. 

The HBCU Experience Anthology: Alumni Stories from The Mecca
Chapter 4: "To Be Young, Gifted, and Bison: In Search of Howard's Radical Tradition"

The HBCU Experience Anthology: Alumni Stories From the Mecca shares the experience of graduates of Howard University. Howard University (HU) is regarded as the most prestigious historically black institution of higher education in the United States. The authors credit Howard University for providing long-standing friendships, and an appreciation of black culture. Authors earned Bachelor's, Master's, Certificates, and Doctoral degrees from the Mecca. They each have their own unique experience.HU...You Know!

ISBN: 1734778385

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Rutgers University: Center for Minority Serving Institutions
"Unplugged Blog"
title: Global Cultural Competency Training at MSIs

Trans-Atlantic Memories: Senegal’s Hip-Hop Griots and the Black Radical Tradition

In this essay, Kimberly Monroe, Ph.D., assistant professor of global affairs at Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. and a 2020 participant in CAORC’s faculty development seminar to Senegal, reflects on her personal and professional journey to West Africa and the deep musical and cultural traditions that live on in Senegal's contemporary artists.

Homecoming in Tigerland

It’s time for homecoming at Grambling State University, and Charlie P. can’t wait! Along with his parents, he tours the school and finds out everything there is to know about Grambling State and its alumni and traditions. With its fun facts and school spirit, this children’s book is perfect for any true GSU fan.

ISBN: 978-1-63177-168-2

So Lyrical, It Feels Spiritual
An Anthology of Black Women Poetry 


So Lyrical, It Feels Spiritual compiles the work of nine new wave voices that demand to be heard. This groundbreaking collection of poetry tackles issues surrounding race, sex, body image, relationships, and more. These contemporary poets uniquely bring together contrasting visions and styles that illuminate aspects of women, African-American, and life experiences.

ISBN: 0692924248

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