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Defining Growth (Poem)

Why can’t you just walk away?

It could all be so simple if you leave things where you left it.

There is no definition, explanation or fancy remark, that can replace my feelings….let alone my cold heart…

That beats for another…My King, who gives me enough attention and more to spare. But I don’t like to share and you

would know that if you had listened.

Instead you chose to diss them and kiss them,

As if they deserve any part of the person that I knew for 3 years,

where tears filled my eye-lids and fell on the floor, that you walked on.

What is growth?

I thought, that this time was the last time I run back into your arms where you held another.

Or maybe this time you will stay and not go this way, or that way

And maybe, just maybe, this time you will realize that I really loved you..

And if words wasn’t enough my actions spoke novels.

What is growth?

When I finally gained the wisdom to walk away, you followed right behind me,

hoping to sabotage any relationship set for me, as if you were my destiny.

What is growth?

Growth is,hating someone but having the wisdom to know that hate gives them power,

so, I loathe you.

Growth is, having the knowledge it accept every experience both positive and negative as a lesson learned,

So, I thank you.

Growth is, understanding, that you were just one man.

And that there is a King se aside for me. That will appreciate every inch and places you missed…

So, I feel sorry for you.

After all, you’re the reason why I know I deserve better.

So, what is growth you ask??

You’re Looking Right At Her!

Peace & Blessings!

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