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Letter The Gramblinite Advisor Sent After the GSU Protest


Gramblinite                         Washington-Johnson Complex, Room 204

Grambling State University            P.O. Box 4292  Grambling, LA  71245

            (318) 274-3331 / 274-3332 / 274-3333 / 274-2189

            FAX  (318) 274-3194


TO:            Ms. Kimberly Monroe


Wanda L. Peters

Publication Director & Assistant Professor

Department of Mass Communication

RE:            Unprofessionalism behavior

DATE:            October 18, 2013

Ms. Monroe, you are hereby suspended for two weeks from your duties at The Gramblinite.

As a member of The Gramblinite, you should not have become involved in a public rally, as you did yesterday.  I know Mass Communication was not your undergraduate major so you missed the classroom instruction regarding conflict of interest.  But the Code of Ethics that you must read and sign each semester as part of your Gramblinite application outlines certain behaviors that are expected of you. Item No. 4 of the Code reads:

“We report the news without regard for our own interests, mindful of the need to disclose potential conflicts. We avoid involvement in campus events, politics, demonstrations and social causes that would cause a conflict of interest, or the appearance of such conflict.”

When you accepted a position with The Gramblinite you became a journalist, bound by the same rules that govern  professional journalists.  During your two-week suspension, I would hope that you refamiliarize yourself with the newspaper’s Code of Ethics, as well as consult such information from professional journalism organizations.

You contribute much to The Gramblinite and it would be a blow to lose your participation.  Please return rested, rejuvenated and rededicated to making the newspaper the best it can be.

Copies to:

Dr. Edward Welch, interim head, Department of Mass Communication

Dr. Janet Guyden, dean, College of Graduate and Professional Studies

Dr. Connie Walton, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs

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