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“Not guilty.” Two words was all it took for the awakening of the Black community. We have been asleep too long, we have forgotten what liberation looked liked, or if we had seen it at all. The day that George Zimmerman walked out of the courtroom as a “innocent” man, was the day every Black person realized their worth, or lack thereof. I say Welcome to “amerikkka”.

For centuries the Black race has suffered under the control of white supremacy. Many books, lectures, and essays have been written with hopes of uplifting us from the slumps of amerikkka, yet we find ourselves sinking deeper. What can we do that hasn’t already been done? Throughout my observation El- Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (formerly known as Malcolm X), came close to what the Negros in amerikkka needed. But why is it that we pressure ourselves to ‘wait’ on a leader to promote change?

There are so many distractions facing our people starting with the influence or pop culture from rappers and other celebrities who get used by the government to control the less fortunate. All they do is promote greed amongst our people that in turn leads to violence. The story of Malcolm X is one of the most dangerous stories ever to be told. A crook, con, gangster and thief rising from the bottom to become the most powerful man of his time is incredible. Why then is his story not on the school reading list?

The case of Trayvon Benjamin Martin was a tragedy indeed. But we can’t forget what happened to Fred Hampton, the Chicago murders, and our very own family. Martins case was merely a wakeup call for our generation to remember our history of oppression and that racism still exists.

Think about why the FBI is still out to find Assata Shakur (Former Black Panther) after 40 years? She is a threat they say, I say we are all threats.

In Cornel West book “Race Matters” he focuses on black leaders and the lack thereof. I don’t think we need one particular leader, I think we all have to reside on our inner leaders and oppressive circumstances to overcome our past and rise in the future.

If whites didn’t know the power we have why then would they try so hard to keep an entire race down? We as Blacks are the ones who don’t recognize our strengths, so we are weak and blinded to the truth when we hear it. It doesn’t help that we are being educated by a European system of control where we learn only an inch of black/negro history. I was upset when I learned that we were more than slaves and activists during the civil rights movement. I was pissed when I learned that we built the pyramids and the Moors built castles, discovered math and science, and introduced Europe to medicine during the dark ages and I am disgusted that we make excuses for white supremacy everyday as if it hasn’t oppressed and kept us down since we left the continent of Afrika.

WE need a revolution. We need justice. Not just for Trayvon Martin, but for our ancestors who were chained on their homeland, thrown over ships, sold to white people and worked on plantations their entire lives as slaves. So many of us are still in slavery today and for that WE NEED FREEDOM!!!

I charge white supremacy as being GUILTY for every struggling Colored person in this crooked country called amerikkka. Guilty of mis-educating an entire race. Guilty of taking away our religion, families, customs, language and most importantly our freedom. Peace.

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