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Skin Pigmentation Produces Ignorant Stereotypes

At a recent gathering with some friends, I noticed one of them holding up the gesture “L” and said “Team Light skin“. I was confused, I didn’t know what to think about it. Last time I checked, we were all BLACK! The light skin versus dark skin delemma shouldn’t even be an issue amongst Black People. Was he trying to signify dominance or was it an unconscious action? Either way, with all the controversy, discrimination and racism Black people have faced for over four hundred years up until now, do we really want more separation?

In recent researching, I noticed that many of my fellow peers have touched this incident at a striking rate. Whether it’s calling light skin males sensitive or dark skin males more aggressive, we all reap the consequences of division.

As most people know, the William Lynch letter prophesied things that would divide the Black race over the years. One of them included the disunion of darker and lighter slaves by them either being house or field Negroes. Since then, the Black race has suffered from post traumatic slave syndrome and sadly, some don’t even know it.

The only explanation I can relay is that many are not aware of what these statements of detachment cause. After reading The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, she mentioned that melanin, or the lack of , has alot to do with the way people think. She brought it back to how caucasians are fearful of white annihilation, therefore they turn Blacks against one another in things like gang violence and Black on Black crime. Most of these issues have been foreseen and spoken about through William Lynch. (It’s still debated whether or not Lynch is an actual person or not)

Instead of becoming separate based on skin pigmentation, we should focus more on the complete union of Blacks not only in america but other parts of the world and how we can uplift one another.

It can’t happen overnight however, we can start with putting an end to the light skin versus dark skin phenomena. Instead we can refer to one another as Beautiful Black Kings, Queen or Moors. The epidemic, has created false stereotypes between Blacks. It has shown that ignorance is still alive thriving and flourishing. Finally, it proves that a white mans words influences thoughts and actions of Blacks. If this outrage of division continues, we only give our oppressors more power which lessens our own.

When our ancestors were on those slave ships, all they had were each other and WE are all we have today. ASHE!

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