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The African Diaspora

This course explores the collective historical and contemporary experiences of the African Diaspora. It will examine the social, cultural and political relationships between Black communities, knowledge, and movements across the Diaspora.  We will examine the interwoven concepts of memory, culture and resistance, and span themes such as consciousness of Africa; the Haitian Revolution and resistance to slavery; African cultural transformation in the Americas; maroonage; Garvey and the UNIA; pan-African movements and global liberation struggles; women and resistance; Black Power, and issues of identity and race.  This class will explore primary sources, historical terminology, themes and practices of the African Diaspora. Students will also be introduced to major scholars of the African Diaspora through readings, films, group projects, and guest lectures.

Black Women, Black Power, and Black Internationalism 

This course is focused on black women activists and writers aligned with Black Internationalism, the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement. It carefully looks at Black women's activism as an international, political, and cultural phenomenon. The global movement of Black Power flourished throughout the world in places like North and South America, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean. We will explore the women of the African Diaspora as part of a global struggle against racism, sexism, oppression, and capitalism. This course will engage these dynamics through readings and writings to further the student's development of arguments and thesis creation. Students will form a critical analysis of the historic attempts of Black women throughout the world. In addition, it lends focus on Black women activists, writers, and scholars who are viewed through the lens of Global Black Power and Black Internationalism.

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