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Be YOUnique!

I’ve been inspired to shed light on a certain situation, or perhaps an epidemic. Seems as though I’ve watched or even been apart of various masquerades where women and girls have hidden their true selves for the self-gain of a relationship.

Why is it that we feel the need to play a certain “role” when we are in the beginning stages of getting to know men? We see it everyday. Women put on makeup, earrings and let their hair down just to Facetime a guy. Even going to the extent of changing the way they talk, laugh and comment on certain things. Can we be even more dramatic?

Is it that hard to be chosen by a man that we have to change who we are until he decides what he wants? This situation may not seem all that important but I think it plays a part in when they really get to know the real us. Is being real with a guy really that bad? Are we really that desperate?

It’s almost like women are attempting to trick males into liking or even loving this artificial character. Has this been the reason we ignore things that we really don’t like about a guy? We wait until we get a ring and have five kids to say I hate when you (Fill in the Blank). It’s quite sad that some women are like this. This crisis, yes crisis, may even be the reason so many marriages end in divorce after a year or two.

I believe this is when the phrase “Fake it til you make it” has gone too far. Then when he finally gets to know the real you, he questions every lie you put on. When it was all just for the satisfaction of gaining a boyfriend or in some cases a husband.

Truth be told, guys are quite simple. They like food, sex and just a little attention. As women, we tend to make things so much more complicated or complex when it’s simple…if he’s into you, he’s into you. In the meantime, just learn to be yourself in all relationships because the reality of the matter is, you can’t wear a mask forever.

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