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Destroy and Conquer

After being on a college campus and among peers for many years, I’ve noticed and witnessed quite a few challenging instances. One of the most surprising and heartbreaking incidents is a female trying to ruin a happy relationship.

Recently, there are an overwhelming number of occasions where women, with bad intentions, try to destroy a flourishing relationship only to conquer that position.

I feel that if ANY man is that weak to allow another woman to come in and take the role of someone who has only done right by him, needs to be evaluated in every aspect.

Not much to say about this particular subject just wanted to shed some light on the situation. I will say that I am disgusted having experienced this myself in the past.

Why would any man want his Queen to feel as though they are lacking in the relationship, and that she isn’t worthy of fulfilling her duties. His actions only bring her more doubts and insecurities.

No one is asking for life to be perfect but there can be honesty and loyalty. I believe that every woman is entitled that. After all, every being has the right to decide who and what we want in our lives because we only get ONE.

Back to the destroyer (side-chick, popcorn hoe etc), she may not be fully aware what she is doing, however, if she is conscious of his situation I feel no pity. How sad is that? How desperate can you be? It’s understood that for every 1 man there is 12 women, not to mention a few of those 1 being homosexual, theres still no excuse for wanting to succeed by hurting the next Queen, regardless of the conversations she and the male have had. Gather some integrity and remember that karma has a good memory.

In closing, is it not so evident that if a male actions are clear in one situation in what world won’t he commit the same actions in the next relationship? No matter how good, perfect, engaging, intellectual, attractive, insightful or intelligent you may be you’ll never be good enough for someone who isn’t ready.

Be mindful that I may be writing this out of anger but the TRUTH remains. Things only get worse once people are married or have kids, but my goal is to kill and diminish the controversy and drama before then. PEACE!

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