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Grambling State of Emergency Speech

NaQuan Smith  (football representative)and Kimberly Monroe (Student Organizer)

NaQuan Smith (football representative)and Kimberly Monroe (Student Organizer)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today we stand as students, not as the football team, divine 9, SGA members or any other separate entity at our institution. But we are standing today as one entity and one body, students of Grambling State University. We are here today because we are in dire need of empowerment amongst ourselves. As of right now we are morally at our lowest point. We have been crippled with the unwarranted suppression that the administration has exerted.

This is the first step in the journey to take back our university. Again, we are speaking on behalf of ourselves as individual students. This meeting is for us to stand together on one accord.

Don’t be misled. This meeting is for concerns, not just those of the football team but for each registered student with a fee sheet and respected Alumni who are not impressed with the image that the university has portrayed these past few days.

We are aware that students have grievances and as a body we are here to address that. THIS IS NOT AN attack toward the administration, again I repeat, WE ARE NOT HERE to attack the administration but for us to come together as one and take the steps towards student solidarity.

Our voice has been silenced and unappreciated for too long. There is no university without the student body. Therefore, we need to get on one accord today and henceforth so that we can be great once again. This will not happen overnight but we are determined to make progress in gaining our rights as students.

We are aware of our rights as students, and we know the appropriate steps in achieving our rights. Today we are here to shed light and inform you on the following issues:

  1. Academic profile

  2.  A student centered university

  3.  Financial accountability

  4.  Facilities management

Along with list, we want to challenge you to send emails to SGA voicing your concerns. This is now a Grambling State of emergency and we want to see change to the benefit of our student body.

Article 2 of Grambling State University Handbook: According to the Grambling State University handbook Article 2 it states that each student has rights guaranteed by the US constitution, these freedoms cannot be enjoyed exercised or protected in a community which lacks order and stability These students rights and responsibilities include speech and expression, assembly and demonstration, expression through media, publication and distribution, discrimination, privacy confidentiality and redress or grievances.

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