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Summer 2k14

Everyday of this summer  I remind myself of a few things.

  1. Think Less, feel more.

  2. Frown Less, smile more.

  3. Talk Less, Listen More.

  4. Judge Less, Accept more.

  5. Watch Less, do more.

  6. Complain Less, Appreciate more.

  7. Fear Less, Love more. 

I read those phrases while scrolling through Instagram and immediately was stopped in my tracks. Not admitting to be a victim of all the negative aspects, however, I know I’ve have my moments. The main one that jumped out to me was “Talk Less, and Listen more. Where was this a a few months ago when I was caught in a situation of having to put my foot in my mouth.

I grew up talking….ALOT. Always the first to speak, answer questions, say a joke or just being heard. Though, at times its perfectly fine there are also those times where is increasingly wrong and problematic. I was humbled at a time where I needed it the most. It has always been difficult for me to be “checked” or confronted by anyone besides my Creator. He or She doesn’t sleep.

In due time, I realized that I can learn a lot through observation. I can’t count the times where I missed out on something vital because I was busy talking. I Believe I’m better now.

“Be like a photograph, develop from the negatives.” –Somebody 


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