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“Real” Love.

I’ve only lied to you a few times, but it was all to make you fall in love with me. Forgetting what I said in the beginning, your memory was as good as a first kiss. And you caught me, wiping the mask off my face, only to be replaced with more lies and deceit. But, you loved this fake me…

But how could I carry on with this artificial being…As I keep leaning and leaning on things that aren’t truth. Eventually I will fall, and you’ll see me for who I really am.

Who am I really? I’m not this liar who’ve I’m claimed to be, I’m a woman of substance who can change, you’ll see. I’m sorry for wanting to be just like you…Changing my lingo, friends, clothing and favorite tv show too…make you fall in love with me.

Now my everyday vocabulary consists of “ya bro”, “That sh++ cray and “heck yea”..It’s amazing that I took time out to learn your language, realizing that you never took the time out to learn mine. But, I wanted you to fall in love with me.

My old friends miss me because I’ve replaced them with one who scrolls on Instagram all day and another who chooses to talk about problems rather then fix them then I was reminded that my real friends are game shifters..But I wanted you to fall in love with me.

So, I watched Cops, Locked Up, NBA Drafts and Crime Scene Investigation Shows..and my apartment doesn’t have cable but I wanted you….to fall in love with me.

Fall in love with this me who wants to be just like you, Fall In love with me as I have altered my opinion to match yours. Fall in love with this me, this imperfect being, this fraudulent mockery I created to get your attention, later your trust and finally your heart.

I forged what was left of me on it…And you let me. So, ….I question this sham as if you’ve pulled a sheet over my head to quick to resist. We’re you really the one pretending. Did you sell me fictitious dreams and make-believe imaginations? Was it all counterfeit situations and phony conversations? All, to make me fall in love with you?

Because I did……and I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore. And that….that’s the real truth.

Peace & Light!!

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